Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reminiscin' This 'n That...Part Two

There are just so many amazing toys from when we were kids. The 80s and 90s really had a multitude of fun stuff to play with. I mean, the EZ Bake oven it self was fantastic! Let's allow children to play with a little plastic device that "bakes" stuff with a 100 watt lightbulb to come out to the consistancy of an old sponge! Delicious. As you may have guessed, I never had an EZ Bake oven, so I am bitterly making fun of it.

Anyways, here's a second list of toys of the past. Some of these may be a little more obscure, but hopefully at least one person remembers them!

"Don't be dull, be dazzlered!"
This little contraption could make a boring piece of perfectly good clothing into an eye sore full of tacky rhinestones! I had one, but I'm not sure I ever did anything with it. I may have used it on a spare rag to see what it did, but none of my close were bedazzled.
This is an obscure one for sure. It looked like a cassette tape, but it folded out into a magnetc board game. I'm pretty sure it didn't play music, and I'm also pretty sure it would wreck your tape player if you tried to play it. Trust me.

My Little Pony and Fairy Tales
"My little pony, apocalypse pony..." Wait, wrong theme song. Anyways, these things are still around. I just got my niece one for her birthday. I remember having a white one with red and green hair. She (or he, they weren't really gendered specific as they had no genitals...probably a good idea that they didn't) had a maple leaf on her hind quarters. Or there were the ones that your rubbed them and a picture would appear. Pretty high tech stuff.

Glo Worm
Ah, glo worms. How I loved these guys. You'd squeeze them and their face would light up!

Magic Nursery Baby
"Magic Nursery Baby! Bringing you surprises and magic too!"
These dolls had "magic" nighties that, when put in water, disappeared and revealed whether it was a boy or girl. I got a boy. I was disappointed. But I loved him the same anyways.

Nosy Bear
These were another obscure toy to me. I never had one but my cousin did. I'm pretty sure you squeezed their tummy and their nose would spin around whatever was in the plastic bubble.

PJ Sparkles
She had sparkly pjs!

Rainbow Brite
Come on, everyone has to remember this multicoloured gal!

Strawberry Shortcake
Same goes for her! Plus I think she's still around.

Troll Dolls
These things were hideous beyond all reason. I have no idea why they were so popular. My sister had a bunch of them.

These stuffed animals had these huge mouths that made them look like they were yawning. I'm actually yawning right now thinking about them. Damn contagious yawns...

Water Babies
You filled these little rubbery dolls with water so they were to feel like real babies. They were awesome throwing toys!

They were stuffed animals but also watches! Watchimals! I just love blended words.

Teddy Ruxpin
He had a tape cassette in his back and he read you stories. He was slightly creepy in this form. I preferred his tv show with Grubby his awesome Octopede friend.

Speak & Spell
Everyone I knew had one of these. Except me. Tear.

These were just awesome. And still are. I loved making pictures of stairs with them, since that's pretty much the only thing I could do.

Magna Doodle
I remember drawing the most amazing picture ever on this, and then my brother came over and erased it. I never recovered and this is why I am not a famous artist today. The only reason. Nothing to do with my lack of talent. Only to do with my brother crushing my dreams.

Puppy Surprise
"How many puppies are there inside? There could be three or four or five!!!"
I never knew anyone to get five. Most people only got three. Cheap Puppy Surprise bastards! But it was pretty sweet seeing a dog give birth with none of the mess!

Cabbage Patch Dolls
Everyone I knew (including my husband!) had one of these dolls. Greg still has his. His name is Ned. He has a plaid shirt on and brown pants.

Lite Brite
"Lite Brite, Lite Brite, turn on the magical shining light!"
There was no end to the fun these provided! But I'm pretty sure that light was not magical. It was just a regular light bulb. Oh, as kids we believed these lies...

This was also a puppet! I'm pretty sure my sister still has hers around the house somewhere.

Baby All Gone
She really looked like she was eating these plastic cherries! Turns out, they just tucked back into the spoon quickly. Very tricky. I'm pretty sure my baby all gone died of starvation. I thought she was eating!

Pound Puppies
These were just awesome! And there was a pretty sweet board game too.

Puppy in my Pocket
"Puppy in my pocket they're as cute as can be! Now I can take them all home with me!"
They're dogs and they fit in your pockets! What more could you ask for? Or a car? Or...ok, we get it.

Slap Bracelets!
These were just the coolest things ever. I had one with the New Kids on the Block and another with the Ninja Turtles on them. Both the NKOTB and the TMNT came back, so maybe slap bracelets will too? One can only hope.


  1. John! You remember those?! NO ONE remembers those! Awesome.