Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why Being an Adult is Better Than Being A Kid...

So I noticed that we are constantly saying how much easier it was to be a kid. How much we wish we could go back to being innocent and playful, how we could just go back to being carefree and simple. No bills, no responsibilities, no stress.

Well, I got to thinking about that and decided that there are lots of reasons why being an adult is better than being a kid.

Here is my list (in no particular order, of course):

- I don't have to eat my vegetables if I don't want and still get to leave the table when I want (and risk getting scurvy).

- I finally get all the sexual references in all those "kids" movies we watched as kids (somehow I now find it odd that my mother even let us watch 'Sister Act' or 'Uncle Buck' or more shockingly, 'Porky's').

- I can put my toys away when I feel like it, not when my mom tells me to (after getting annoyed that my house is too messy).

- My bedtime is whenever I say it is (surprisingly earlier now than it was when I was a kid...)

- I can watch 'The Simpsons' without my mom getting me in trouble (although it was much more fun to watch when it was taboo).

- If I make a face, I now have it on good authority that it will not stay that way (although I will still look like an idiot).

- When I say, "I'm huuuunnnngrry," I don't have to wait for my mom to tell me no, that I'll spoil my dinner if I have a snack (I can just go ahead spoil my dinner).

- I no longer have to wait for my mom to drive me to my friends house (I now have to spend my own gas money and drive there myself).

- If I want to eat an entire bag of candy and get a stomache ache, that's my prerogative (to feel horrible for three days).

- The cookies in the jar are mine for the taking! (and mine for the replacing!)

- If I want to go to work with my hair unbrushed and my clothes wrinkled, I can do it if I want (to be made fun of...).

- I am now aware that hooking up a nintendo to a tv will not break said tv (thanks dad...).

- I can now listen whatever music I choose at whatever decibal I choose (until the neighbours call the cops).

And I will add more as I think of them. Feel free to add your own too!


  1. You must get made fun of a lot! Oh wait, I know you do. :p

  2. Oh I forgot how hilarious you are. Oh wait, you're not :p

  3. I remember thinking as a kid staying up to 11 was the best thing ever. Now when I stay up to 11, I'm regretting it and NOT looking forward to trying to get up the next morning...

  4. I completely agree! I find 11 to be way too late for a week night!